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What We Do

Northspark works closely with clients to explore ideas, problems and aspirations with a view to finding quality solutions and reach the desired outcomes. We enjoy exploring business, personnel, technical and social concepts using the progressive framework below
1. Inspiration

Exploring concepts, problems and aspirations. Building a future vision and a plan of how to move forward

2. Innovation

Designing the solution blueprint; factoring in strategic and resource considerations

3. Implementation

Building the solution. Creating, testing and refining the components before live implementation

"You have all the reason in the world to achieve your grandest dreams. Imagination plus innovation equals realisation", Denis Waitley


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Developing an Idea or Concept


  • Vision/Purpose Discovery
  • Project Feasibility
  • Requirements Analysis


Exploring Solution Design


  • Solution Architecture
  • Solution Modelling
  • Functional Design


Delivering the Solution


  • Project Management
  • Partner Sourcing
  • Solution Rollout & Training


Your Trusted Innovation Partner

Northspark was founded by Jon Saunders in 2005. Jon came from an IT background focusing on technical solutions, however the wider focus on innovation has led to a much broader perspective on organisational change. Jon oversees all of Northspark's projects.

The company works with all types and sizes of organisation from startups to blue chip companies. Northspark has delivered successful solutions across the utilities, telecoms, finance, education, social housing and social care sectors, including projects with established clients such as O2 UK, Siemens, Home Group and Northumbrian Water.

Northspark is also passionate about working with social enterprises and is involved in a number of social innovation projects.


    Northspark applies creative thinking and draws upon current innovative ideas with strategic foresight to help prepare clients for the future.


    Northspark works closely with solution providers to maintain insight into current trends as well as being able to provide dedicated expertise.


    Through its extended team, Northspark is able to provide solutions and guidance across business, personnel, technical and social disciplines.


    Northspark focuses on applying long term solutions with sustainability being a vital element.


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