Stage 2: Innovation

Creating the solution blueprint

Having established a clear understanding of the challenge and created a vision of the end result, we now set about bringing the proposition to life. Here we go into design mode, architecting the blueprint for the solution we are seeking to build.

Every project is very different so we will define the key deliverables at the start of this stage. The subject matter may vary considerably at this point, for example we may be designing a technology product, reengineering a business process or developing a resource development programme to name but a few potential routes.

During this stage we can explore potential solution routes taking into account time, budgets and the overall strategic focus. Following this we will have a clearly defined specification, which can be implemented in-house or through Northspark’s solution partners as we enter the final Implementation Stage.

We hope that this provides a concise outline of our delivery model but if you have any questions, please contact us.