Stage 1: Inspiration

Where are you now ? How do you move forward ?

At this first stage of the process we perform a situational analysis to understand where the client is right now. This may be a general exploration or may be focussed on a particular aspect of the organisation. Often there is a problem that has presented itself which needs to be addressed. This provides a direct focus and as is often an opportunity to look wider across one or more organisational functions.

Some clients already know exactly where they are at and have a different proposition, whether that be a burning idea or a particular future aspiration. In this case our focus is more about determining how we can take an idea forward or to determine the means attain the desired outcomes.

This stage is about nurturing and inspiring forward progress, from there we move to the second stage of development which is our ‘Innovation Stage‘.

We hope that this provides a concise outline of our delivery model but if you have any questions, please contact us.